Here are a number of selected works that represent Kevin Moore's work.


The Yellow Dress 

31x38" | Oil on panel | 2018


SOLD Lovetts Gallery





In The Shadows Of Coal Country 

24x32" Oil on panel 2017


SOLD Private Collector


Inner Sight

20x20" Oil on panel 2017




The Soul That Sees Beauty

41x32 Oil on panel 2017



All That Remains 

16x20" Oil on panel 2017


Available | Last Rites Gallery

The Transcendence

20x26" Oil on panel 2015


SOLD | Rehs Contemporary Gallery

Suspended In Silence.jpg

The Warning

10x15" Charcoal on paper 2011

SOLD | Private Collector


Suspended In Silence

8x10” | Oil on panel | 2018